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Requirements of the application

It only requires that you have windows 7 or higher.

Free download

Get the beta version while it's still free (This version is fully functional and with no time limit for using it). You can see the great advantages that DInA offers you.

1) Download the application

Download the compressed ZIP file. Click in "Open file".


2) Install the application

Double click to run the installer program.

If there is a warning message click in "More information".

Then click in "Execute application anyway".

You lose nothing by trying

  • You choose the type of activity you want to do.

    Friendly interface

  • It offers you the latest in personal development.

    Content updated

  • It makes suggestions without interfering with your daily activities.



Personal Coaching

Take one step at a time

You can choose what you want to do each day. Have an Exercise Plan where you can choose your type of exercise. It also offers you different resources every day (it never becomes monotonous or boring). It incorporates Scientifically Proven Methods to improve your performance.

Know your shortcomings

The application has a self-evaluation module so you know where you need to work harder. We guarantee that this application will improve Your quality of life, your leadership and your interpersonal relationships. In addition, you will manage your time with greater efficiency.

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